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Special School Election Levy

The Kahlotus School District will seek to place a special school election  on the February 6th ballot for the purpose of replacing an expiring levy on the taxable property within the District for the support of the District's General Fund educational programs and operations expenses not funded by the state. This levy supports the costs of the community pool, transportation and school support staff that are not provided through general funding from the Washington State Legislature.

Assessed Value

Levy Collection Year                        Approximate Levy Rate/$1000                                    Levy Amount


   2025                                                              $1.70                                                                  $140,000.00

   2026                                                              $1.65                                                                  $140,000.00

For and Against Committee

Pursuant to RCW 29A.32.280, it is the responsibility of every school
board who submits a measure on the ballot to appoint members to 
ballot statement writing committees. Each committee is allowed up to
3 members. Community members interested in being appointed to the
committees please contact Connie Smith at (509)282-3338.

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